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Audits and Assessment provide a vital management control for general safety management. They ensure that guesswork is eliminated by identifying deficiencies in the system of safety management and make recommendations for corrective actions.

Audit Services

Unbiased and confidential study

Our intervention either as second or third party audit is conducted through unbiased and confidential study of your organization`s operations, company standard appraisal, in- house compliance, staff compliance, property risk assessment or property safety Audit. This ensures the discovery of existing and potential hazard and in turn, the actions needed to curb the hazard to nearest minimum.

At SAFETYPLUS our team of Auditors has vast field experience to undertake and deliver the brief to the highest International Standards and Regulations. We employ a variety of methods designed to each situation to calculate accident probabilities and consequences in order to determine risk levels and its management.


Areas we cover include:

Risk  Assessment / Management

Adequate provision and maintenance of risk appropriate safety precautions cannot be over emphasized. We can assess, analyze and effectively communicate results in order to facilitate preventive practices, implement controls and encourage continual improvements within the organization.

Event Risk Assessment / Safety Management

Safety is everyone`s responsibility whether within or outside a work environment. We can ensure events are undertaken in a safe manner and that event organizers/providers are competent in applying the principle of duty of care.

Fire Risk Assessment / Audit

Systematic assessment/ audit of general workplace to determine level of risks. Inspection and review of fire fighting equipment, units, personnel and training. Evaluation of emergency preparedness, evacuation procedure and crisis management. Facilitate compliance to Fire Safety regulations or guidelines.

Independent Audit

Independent compliance Audit for corporate event activations. Obtain an independent Audit report based on fact and accuracy within stipulated time. Review of Company policy in compliance with agreed standards.

Occupational Health and Safety Audit

Systematic examination to determine whether activities and results conform to planned arrangements such as (management safety standards, national requirement or international standards OHSAS 18001).

To determine whether these planned systems are implemented and imbibed as a culture and above all  achieving the organization`s objectives and corporate aspirations.


Other areas include:

  • Health & safety management
  • Food safety management systems
  • Hospital management & clinical hygiene 
  • Environmental management
  • Oil & Gas accidents / spillage management
  • Fire Prevention and Protection 
  • Property Safety Audit

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