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A systematic, independent and documented activity in assessing, evaluating and developing a new or existing process/system in compliance to international best practice of Food Safety Management System.

Audit in food organization is a crucial component of maintaining food safety standards and certification, which is aimed at conformance to different components of food safety such as GMP, GLP, Cleaning and HACCP among others.
Food Safety Audit is also aimed to select and implement safety practices to suppliers, gain certification or recognition, or to monitor internal conformance with policies and procedures.
Safety Plus group of experienced auditors is second to none who have worked with many organizations to achieve compliance.



Continuous learning by individual and corporate organization to the current global trend in food safety is important.



Anywhere on the food chain, certification is necessary and important.
There are different certification bodies and examinations.
Apart from the employees being certified, organizations also need to be certified to ISO standards (Food Safety Management System or ISO 22000)
This can elevate your chances of producing food to local and international customer satisfaction. Why not widen your food chain dependency by engaging our experienced service to take you to the next level.
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HACCP is a recognized way of making sure that the food safety hazard or risk in your business are being managed responsibly and showing that this is being done day-in, day-out.
HACCP plan is a written plan in implementing HACCP. This written plan will help to define your procedures for maintaining control of potentially hazardous food at the critical control points of food preparation or processing.
We at SAFETYPLUS will help in design and guide to achieving HACCP.


In implementing Food Safety; good hygiene practices and these 4Cs (cooking, chilling, cross-contamination and cleaning) are important areas. Among all the 4Cs, Cleaning is a major contributor in controlling good hygiene and food safety hazards or risks associated with cross-contamination.
There are different methods and techniques of cleaning in food premises, which is quite different from how our houses, offices are often cleaned. These methods and techniques are dependent on some factors such as: type of surface, soiling, equipment and many more.
Why not get in touch with us for a more detailed measure with a high positive impact in your food chain……


Ensuring safe food cut across all process in the supply chain as cross contamination can occur at any stage in the food chain from the farmer to the processor, warehouses and distribution centers or to the consumer.
Traceability is also an important factor in food safety especially for a beneficial and integrated process or product.
We create bespoke model of helping our clients to own and stay in control of their management system. This has proven to maximize profitability in many businesses.


Food establishment often rely heavily on logistic companies to transport both raw and finished products in and out of their premises. This certainly comes with huge traffic related accidents and behaviourial safety challenges from the personnel. We at Safety Plus have CRACKED the NUT that constitute these bad images, incidences, accidents, loss of earning, huge compensation or likely litigation. Our Safety Marshalling is covers traffic safety structure and high-risk safety controls. This way our clients have been able to focus on their core operation, expand and increase market share.

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