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Confined Space Training

Confined spaces are places which are often times enclosed and where serious injury  or death can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby. A confined space has limited or restricted means for entry or exit, and it is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. Confined spaces include, but are not limited to underground vaults, storage tanks, storage bins, sewers, tank compartment on a barge, large industrial boilers , manholes, ventilation ducting, process vessels in the chemical industry, pits, silos, vats, storm drains, process vessels, pipelines , tunnel, culvert, and even unventilated rooms etc.

Do you or your employees work in or around confined spaces? If yes, then SafetyPlus Confined Space Safety training is what you need. In such highly hazardous condition effective training is required. This training will show workers how to work in a confined space environment to maximize safety for them and those around them.

During the training, our experienced instructors cover the following aspects;

  • Recognizing confined spaces and their hazards
  • Entering confine spaces
  • Using applicable equipment for maximum safety
  • Safe System of Work /The written entry permit.
  • Emergence planning and preparedness
  • Practical Simulation of Confine Space Entry

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